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Solution Graphics

  citron trio programme cover

Above: An earlier Concert Programme cover (A5 format)

Get Involved
In Music!

We all love music of one type or another and enjoy it almost in every part of our lives. We've come to expect it to always be there - whenever we feel the need. Now, even classical concerts seem to have become nothing more than another entertainment option.

Do we ever stop to consider how lucky we are to have such choice?

The fact is that classical orchestras may be the lifeblood of most concerts but they are also a luxury, an incredibly expensive-to-run source of enjoyment upon which every region in the country proudly hangs its cultural hat - whether or not they proffer survival support. But you probably aren't surprised to read that almost all orchestras are under funded and without the help and support of ordinary people would simply disappear, at least many would disappear, and with them would go all the pleasurable experiences they bring to our lives.

You know what's coming next - don't you? If you care about regional or local orchestras then please don't say "I'm out!" - no, get involved and show how much you really care by sharing in a future with them - make a contribution which will help ensure there will be any future to look forward to at all.

Why not make your start by clicking on the "DONATE" button below and making a worthwhile gesture which will help support the orchestra for whom we are making this appeal. Just in case you wondered, we already provide funding in the form of services and have committed to donating a share of income from all advertising generated by this website. Yes, of course, we support the orchestra of the South West, Cornish Sinfonia - so why not join us in this worthy cause. Oh, and if you do choose to help them by providing a donation you can expect in return more than a quick secretarial "thank you" - you will be sincerely welcomed to join a team of fine performing artists.